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Why should you do a CSCS Course in St Helens?

Some might ask “Why there is a separate CSCS Course if CSCS Test already takes care of onsite safety awareness programme?”
Because there is safety in numbers! Moreover it just doesn’t hurt to update or improve upon your safety knowledge. Armed with both the CSCS Test and Course qualification, a tradesman would be better equipped to handle health and safety threats on sites. Now that you are thinking of doing the CSCS Course in St Helens, here are all the relevant details you’d need:

At Construction Helpline we can help you get the right CSCS course in St Helens. For more information, give us a call on 0207 199 9800. Or just check out our website at

How to book a CSCS Course

By just picking up the phone, or turning on your computer, you’ll be one step closer to booking the CSCS Course for yourself. The number to dial is 0207 199 9800 while the website you seek is We have a team of experienced construction advisers to handle all the questions you throw at us. Subject to your satisfaction, we book the course on a date and time suitable to you.

We help you book a CSCS Course

Did you know that you couldn’t even be a labourer without successfully completing the CSCS Course? That your wish to rise up the ranks and be able to work as a supervisor or manager rest – to some extent – on owning this certification? CSCS Course is not just a set of lectures you can choose to ignore. On the contrary, it’s a safety qualification that will help you progress in the career you have chosen.

Should you require some more clarity on this subject, you know how to reach for help.
Just ring us up on 0207 199 9800 or go to . As far as helping customers do their CSCS courses in St Helens is concerned, there is no match for Construction Helpline.

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