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How to Book Traffic Marshal Course in Bournemouth?

Traffic Marshals are highly skilled and trained people who have the potential to direct vehicles within the worksite. One of the benefits of booking the Traffic Marshal Course in Bournemouth is that it would help aspirants to enhance their career opportunities.

What is meant by the term Banks man?

Traffic Banks man is an individual who is responsible to direct vehicles at the work site. They would keep track of the movement of vehicles and suggest routes if required.

Is it possible to take advantage of Banks man for reversing vehicles?

Only trained and licensed Banksmen are eligible to reverse vehicles. There is a grading of control that involves partitioning at the higher levels. A traffic marshal should be leveraged in cases where control measures are not possible.

How to safeguard the Traffic Banksman?

Each year, a major percentage of fatalities occur due to improper handling of vehicles at the construction site. People often succumb to injuries due to the inappropriate reversing of heavyweight trucks and Lorries. Most of the accidents arise owing to the above-mentioned reasons. However, these accidents can be averted by undertaking simple precautionary measures.

  • Concerned experts have to make sure that Banks man is trained and competent to direct the movement of vehicles.
  • Offers a secured position wherein the delegates can seamlessly execute their tasks
  • A unique attire is delivered to candidates to recognize them
  • Inform the drivers if they are not able to view Banksman. In such circumstances, they have to stop this operation.
  • Delegates should comply with the standard signals, norms, and regulations

What are the primary objectives of the Traffic Marshal Course?

  • Construction law and regulations concerning traffic management
  • Who is permitted to enter the site
  • Safe and secure access to vehicles
  • Analysis of potential threats and hazards
  • What is risk management for directing the movement of vehicles?
  • Recognizing dangerous manoeuvre.
  • Protecting the pedestrians along with the personal staff of an organization while reversing heavyweight vehicles like trucks.
  • Displaying hand on signals as suggested by the HSE
  • What are the legal obligations and responsibilities of prospective employers and employees
  • Wearing protective gears and equipment
  • How to prevent accidents at the construction site
  • How to effectively plan the usage of vehicles

How are the candidates accessed throughout the course?

  • The students are examined through practical assessment and theoretical sessions. The former one involves exhibiting accurate knowledge on how to direct the movement of vehicles while the latter focuses on getting familiar with the roles and responsibilities of a driver and banksman
  • The theoretical session of the Traffic Marshal Course consists of a multiple-choice question. Students are required to complete it during the final stage of the program. The learners would get familiar with existing legislation policies.
  • Upon successful completion of the Traffic Marshal Course in Bournemouth, a certificate is awarded to candidates.

The Traffic Marshal course covers subjects including general health and safety associated with traffic banks man. So, to make a successful career in the relevant field, enrol yourself for the course.

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