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Construction Skills Certification Scheme is a vital obligation for the employees who are involved in the field of construction. Construction Skills Certification Scheme card can be obtained only through successful completion of CSCS course in Morpeth. Those candidates who have accomplished the Construction Skills Certification Scheme test will be issued a card.

Both health and safety of employees are the primary concern of principal contractor and clients as they are dealing with highly corrosive components and huge machinery at the construction sites. It is the responsibility of the concerned employers to keep track of their workers that they carry a valid Construction Skills Certification Scheme card since it automatically expires after a period of about five years. 24/7 customer services can be availed by the aspirants for further clarifications regarding the course.

What is the purpose behind holding a Construction Skills Certification Scheme card?

Construction Skills Certification Scheme card is a proof that employees working at the construction site are aware of the consequences with respect to health and safety. It is also an assurance that one does not pose a threat to fellow workers. This is also applicable for the people who pay a visit to the construction site as they also need to carry a card.

Candidates who are searching for jobs in the field of construction are not required to submit additional qualifications. They need to carry only a valid Green Construction Skills Certification Scheme card to ensure you are a capable and skillful individual. The burden of revealing the personal identity is eliminated due to the presence of Construction Skills Certification Scheme card. One of the major advantage of this card is that total number of accidents at the construction site has dramatically declined ever since its inception in the year 1995.

Application for CSCS training course at Morpeth

Construction Skills Certification Scheme card was introduced in Morpeth back in 1995. The card is duly certified by Construction Industry Training Board in England. Their main goal was to enhance the skills of the construction industry.

  1. Each test is conducted at Pearson Test Center in Morpeth.
  2. Questions Paper consists of fifty multiple choice questions with duration of about forty-five minutes
  3. Candidates who have obtained constructed with respect to SVQ or NVQ are not required to complete the test
  4. Graduates can pick up a suitable card based on the tests undertaken. Normal cards are meant for site managers (operative). Those candidates who are unfamiliar with the type of test to be taken may seek assistance of a reliable provider.
  5. Candidates are requested to go through the study materials supplied to them in detail and revise multiple times prior to attempting the examination.

One of the benefits of taking CSCS course is that candidates will be able to boost their career in the construction field. However, it is highly recommended to attain ultimate level of CSCS card that is possible only through obtaining maximum levels in NVQ.

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