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How to Book Traffic Marshal Course in Canterbury?

A traffic marshal is trained to direct the large moving vehicles safely around a construction site. It is also known as a banksman who is a professionally trained designated person. When their view is obstructed, then they use radio communications to guide the drivers of large vehicles. If the banksmen are trained and authorized, then they are used for reversing the vehicle. To become a traffic marshal, an individual must undergo the complete training to be endowed with the appropriate knowledge about the proper evacuation techniques to follow during the crisis. This can be obtained only by completing the traffic marshal course in Canterbury. There are various places where the first aid courses along with a CSCS course are provided.

What is the role of traffic marshal?

The large vehicles are hard to move and due to the driver positions, they don’t provide drivers a good line of sight. That’s why a traffic marshal plays an important role in the construction site. Traffic marshals are the driver’s eyes and ear while driving large vehicles such as cranes and heavy good vehicles particularly.

They ensure that there are no obstructions on the vehicle’s path while keeping a lookout for any potential causes for accidents and also maintain a heavy distance away from the vehicle. Along with competence and knowledge, the traffic marshals must have a CSCS green card that must be valid.

To achieve the green CSCS card, an individual need to complete the level 1 certificate in health and safety in the environment of construction and must qualify the CITB touch screen test. The duration of this touch screen test is 45 minutes long. An individual also needs to qualify an accredited half-day traffic marshal course where you will be awarded a certification of traffic marshal. This certificate has a validity time of three years.

We at highly recommended that while the qualification is valid for 3 years, you must attend a refresher course on a yearly basis to keep updated with the new rules and regulations.

How to book this course?

The only criteria for applying Traffic marshal course is that your minimum age should be 16 years. Except for this, there are no other requirements. If you are looking to book an online course, then can surely help you with that. We post your green CSCS card after the day you have applied. This course comes under the category of CSCS course and an individual must achieve a CSCS card after the completion of the course.

The training will not only enable you to save your lives but would help you to save the loss of property and money because of traffic accidents. There are a lot of training institutes available in the UK that provide the necessary traffic marshal training. In order to safeguard, the safety of the employees working there,and the working place must be safe. So, the Traffic marshal course in Canterbury is very important that should be completed in a construction site.

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